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Did you Know? In South Korea, men are spoilt on Valentine's Day rather than women.

south korean, south korea, south korean facts, facts about south korea, facts about south korean

This has to be one of the most unusual interesting facts about South Korea, considering Valentine's Day is traditionally a day for ladies all over the world to be pampered. It doesn't seem to function that way in the Land of the Morning Calm. On Valentine's Day, the lavish flowers and chocolates on the male in the relationship. So, if you're a male looking for a romantic getaway with your spouse this Valentine's Day, head to South Korea and see the magic for yourself. There's no reason for you to feel overshadowed, ladies. In South Korea, there is also a particular day for the lady in the relationship. It's known as White Day in Korea, and it's essentially the same con

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Vision Boards I

Vision Boards Improve Your Focus

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Mindfulness is beneficial, but it can also be misinterpreted.

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Why Can't Astronauts Hear or Talk in Space?


Where else can you find monkeypox?

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