bollywood facts, facts about bollywood

Did you Know? Lagaan has more British actors than the lead cast

bollywood facts, facts about bollywood

There are more British actors in Lagaan than in the primary cast: Lagaan, the highest-grossing film of 2001, contains several unknown facts, one of which is that it included the most British actors ever cast in a single film in the history of Bollywood cinema.

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It’s illegal to let your chickens cross the road in Quitman, Georgia

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Green cashews are raw cashews.

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Charlotte and Emily spent some time in Brussels studying.

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Maharaja Amar Sinh Zala of Wankaner once owned the American embassy in South Bombay.

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Indian street dogs (Indian pariah dogs) are extremely alert & social.


A well-maintained porcelain piece can last over 1,000 years!

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The asteroid belt has never contained a planet.

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What Are the Chia Seeds' Nutritional Values?

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Mount Everest is estimated to be 60 million years old.


Lobsters use their legs to taste.

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Persian carpets have a long history

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They Possess Venom

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Did you know.... India received its first convertible.

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Could help with weight loss

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Cricket is the origin of the phrase "good innings."

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The British Museum has been a popular film set

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What Is the Strangest Fact You've Ever Heard?

Formula-fed babies

Formula-fed babies are more likely to become ill.

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Starbucks has a 10-minute rule they have to follow.


Ulcers are not caused by stress.