No, a termite's diet does not only consist of wood! In fact, it has been observed that termites eat wallpaper, fabric, and even plastic. Although these omnivorous insects prefer the taste of wood, they will eat just about anything made from plants. They are infamous destroyers because of their insatiable appetites, which cause them to spend most of the day eating away at structures!

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Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Gemstone Promotes Self-Awareness

Glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

"Lightening Can Create Glass "

Elizabeth White, botanist, Frederick Coville, New Jersey, USA

It wasn't until 1916 that blueberries were cultivated (highbush).

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It’s illegal to let your chickens cross the road in Quitman, Georgia

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Tunisia's Sahara Desert

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Hindi shares certain commonalities with Urdu, Bengali, Sanskrit, Nepalese, and Gujarati.

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Medusa Gave Birth to Pegasus

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Did you Know? We can only be close up to 150 people.


Modern arts exhibit a pattern that is visible.


There's No Remedy for Migraines

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For the last time...Anime is Not Cartoon!

almonds, milk, plant milk

Use as an alternative to pine nuts in pesto!

custard apple

Custard apple detox

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Scientists can turn the remains of a loved one into a diamond.


Switzerland has 208 mountains and some of Europe's highest peaks.

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Floating Stones That Are Interesting

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Most streamed track in one week by a female artist (USA)

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Budapest was formed by the union of three cities.

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Bacteria Can Increase If You Cover Your Toothbrush

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There’s a Chanel perfume with extracts from a beaver’s abdominal glands

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Did you Know? Women are better in reading faces.


Migraines can be triggered by insomnia.