The holiday has other names besides just "Halloween."


Halloween goes by various names, even though kids often refer to October 31 as the finest day of their lives. Other names for the celebration include Samhain, All Hallows' Eve, All Saints' Eve, Witches Night, Summer's End, and Snap-Apple Night.

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Did you Know? For EIC, Kolkata was the second most important city

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Two signs produced the most presidents.

 Basketball football.

Fun Fact! Basketball was first played using a football.


The Most Popular German Surname Is Müller

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Holy books, gay flags, and no beer

Innovative Country

The World's Most Innovative Country

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The Nepetalactone Is Everything.

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The first road suspension bridge in the world


One of Buddha's incisors is kept in a temple in Kandy.

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Preamblem of Indian Constitusion was inspired by US.

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Did you Know? Abraham Lincoln Was Also a Licensed Bartender


Color is essential.

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The story of Beauty and the Beast was developed to aid young girls accept arranged marriages.

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Any Age Can Be Affected by Eczema

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Soap and dynamite have a long history together.

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The Human Brain has the ability to manage emotions, memories, thinking, respiration, and other functions.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

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Taiwan’s official title is the Republic of China (RoC)

Netflix  socks

Netflix created special socks that automatically pause your TV when you fall asleep.

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Did you Know? Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy

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Rio has the world's bluest sky.

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Did you Know? Des Moines has a hillarious tradition called Beggar's night.

eye patches

Pirates wore eye patches.


People are happier when they crochet


Flamingos are toothless.