sweden, norway

North Korea owes Volvo a 45-year-old debt.

sweden, norway

Following the Korean War, North Korea sought to portray itself as a paradise, embarking on big engineering projects with Western-purchased technology. Sweden was one of the first countries to jump on the bandwagon and establish financial ties. The residents of paradise required expensive automobiles to go around in, so they bought 1000 Volvo 144GL luxury cars from Sweden in the 1970s. The first of them arrived in 1974. Soon after, it became evident that North Korea was unable or unwilling to pay for these cars. Instead, it was simply letting the expenses pile up, and the debt persists to this day. In classic Swedish form, they simply kept delivering invoices despite the fact that they knew there was nothing they could do. As a resu

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Social media has been psychologically engineered to be addictive.

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The Thakhek Loop motorcycle trip lasts four days.


In the world of cookware, copper is unparalleled.


Bacteria Can Increase If You Cover Your Toothbrush

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Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping

Pariah dogs

Pariah dogs from India are very adaptive.

largest parrot, largest bird

Did you Know? The Largest Parrot of the World Can’t Fly.

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Did you Know? Motion Films were invented in 1890s

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They sprout from apples.


Sometimes, heavy bleeding might be caused by stomach ulcers.


Probiotics treat constipation, colds, and cancer

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Glass can decompose in a million years.

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The Body of Stephen Strange Is A Living Weapon

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A shrimp may produce one million eggs.

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Did you Know? Sun is mostly of hydrogen and helium

fog bow

The fog bow

justintheroux, jonhamm, ewanmcgregor, jonnydepp, jakegyllenhaal, jaredleo, joaquinphoenix, doctorstr

Moon Knight Dresses in White to Make His Enemies Notice Him

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Microfiber is ideal for environmentally friendly cleaning.

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Did you Know? Red Ink is a bad sign in Korea

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Side effects of kiwi

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What factors should you consider before choosing a centrifuge supplier?

cashew seeds

They must be picked with care

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Stomach cancer was No. 1 in the 1940s, now it’s No. 8

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"First international cricketer to be ejected by a third umpire"

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Did you Know? Mehndi can be a protection against the evil eye.