Persians were also recognised as innovators in the fields of refrigeration, cooling, and ventilation.


The first crafting methods for prehistoric refrigerators date back to around 400 BC, making Persian expertise in cooling and refrigeration technology even older. These structures, known as Yakhchals, typically included sizable, well-insulated underground storage areas, sometimes exceeding volumes of 1,800,000 cubic feet. Additionally, the subterranean spaces had Qanat, or wind catchers, for generating natural ventilation that helped with temperature drops to even freezing points. With the aid of a mortar made of sand, lime, egg white, goat hair, and ash, these underground chambers were literally topped off by stepped dome-like structures made of heat-resistant mud bricks that frequently reached heights of over 60 feet.

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 number 111

The number 111 is usually seen as unlucky.

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Chia has a lot of selenium.

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Outstanding Oscar speech

chronic smoking

In adults, chronic smoking can cause sleeplessness.


Cholesterol level is determined by liver.


In Old Quebec, you may sleep in a nun's cell!

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Ancient Egyptians would shave off their eyebrows when their cats died

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Have you heard the legends of a Banshee?

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443 years ago it was known as Prayag




The secret to success is rescue inhalers.

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Astronomy is where the phrase "dog days of summer" originated.

chicken, chicken vision

Chickens have excellent color vision.

Red hair

Red hair is thicker than hair of other colours.

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Mosquitoes come in over 3,500 different varieties:

Sea Lamprey

The latin name for the Sea Lamprey is 'Stone Licker'

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Did you Know? The Titanic's Owners Never Said the Ship Was "Unsinkable"

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What Does Psychology Teach You?

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When the first Lamborghini was presented, it didn't even have an engine.


Around 1844, the first three-row bristle toothbrush was invented.


Probiotics treat constipation, colds, and cancer