southindia, breakfast, dish, upma, uttapam, idly, dosa, richesttemple, gold, ornaments, sreepadmanab

South India provides exclusive spas to elephants

southindia, breakfast, dish, upma, uttapam, idly, dosa, richesttemple, gold, ornaments, sreepadmanab

Elephants have their own spa. You may have pampered yourself in a spa, but an elephant spa? Yes, elephants can be pampered in spas if you travel to South India. Visit the Punnathur Kotta Elephant Yard Rejuvenation Centre in Kerala to see elephants being massaged, bathed, and fed!

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Smallest dog living on earth!

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Insomnia is not cured by sleeping medicines.

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It was the first Asian country to make gay marriage legal in 2019


Kolkata's Derby Games

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Rio de Janeiro is home to the world's largest urban forest.

Sri Lanka, biodiversity,  jewels, coast of India, country

It is the birthplace of cinnamon.