Sweden is importing garbage from Norway!


The Swedish people are big recyclers. Only 1% of garbage is thrown away, with 50% recycled or composted and 49% burnt for electricity. This may sound like good news, but it has resulted in one major issue: there isn't enough rubbish to keep the incinerators going. As a result, Sweden has devised an innovative solution. To keep the lights on, they import garbage from Norway and the United Kingdom. As an added plus, the nations actually pay Sweden to remove their rubbish!

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443 years ago it was known as Prayag

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Stress and blood pressure are reduced.

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The world’s biggest weaving village “Sualkuchi”

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Beneficial for Diabetics

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M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan comes from a family of doctors.

 low-income countries

In low-income countries, just fifty-five girls continue their education after high school for every hundred boys.

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Vision Boards Make You Happy and Positive

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Did you Know? Clothes can take up to 40 years to get decomposed.

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Did you Know? Before birthday cake candles, candles on the cakes were saved for the goddesses on moon.

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In China in the sixth century, toilet paper usage was first noted.


Wyoming is surrounded by six states.

hong kong, Special Administrative Region, Republic of China, China, one nation, two systems

"Albert is very amused by my obtaining the island of Hong Kong."

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The Welsh flag's origins

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Tiger Eye Gemstone Promotes Self-Awareness

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Nevermind was mixed by someone who had previously worked with Slayer (and Madonna).

Bronte siblings

The Bront siblings collaborated to create fantastical worlds.

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Animal Creatures Are Stingrays

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Did you Know? There is a 100 years "young" Dancers