There Isn’t One Brand Of ADHD


Everyone’s traits, struggles and ability to cope are different. Some people with ADHD are hugely popular, the funniest, most interesting people in every room – even as they struggle to pay their bills or hold down a job. Other people can’t maintain relationships, but are great in emergencies, when the pressure and thrill of the moment seem to give them super-human powers.

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Additionally, it is spoken in Argentina, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

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Apple Custard Enhances Cardiovascular Health

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There is no such thing as a black rose or a blue rose.

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Fennel seed

Fennel seeds cleanse the blood.

Gengis Khan

What contributed to Gengis Khan's demise?

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The World's Biggest Soufflé was devoured in under ten minutes.

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Did you Know? Thousands of languages are spoken in India.

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Did you know.... It's not the so-called "God particle." 

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On UK highways, there are about 12 million diesel vehicles.

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Call Of Duty’s Daily Players Could Fill 80 Of The World’s Largest Sports Stadiums

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Redhead ladies having more sex.

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Lionel Messi: A Tale of Two Nations?

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Did you Know? Men and Women see red color differently

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Do Iguanas See at Night?

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We may thank a famous author's brother for conspiracy theorists' tinfoil hats.


Since 1868, Tokyo has served as Japan's capital.

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There are "healthy" lipids in chia seeds.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Cities are forced to dispose the snow off in different ways.


What Iguanas Are Known For