buddhist, emptiness, Marcel, Buddha, religious activities

Not every Buddhist lives the life of a monk.

buddhist, emptiness, Marcel, Buddha, religious activities

Many Buddhists, believe it or not, possess cars, houses, jewelry, and other items. "Because so many vocal Buddhists in America are practicing monks or wealthy individuals shunning consumerism to go meditate," says Wasserman, "we assume all Buddhists are like that." "Travel to a Buddhist country, and you will not see people abandoning the worldly world, but rather, like other religions, praying to win the lottery or be prosperous," he adds.

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Pigeons can recognise their own images.

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"In the 17th century, glass windows were invented."

Gundam Technology

Gundam Technology is founded on actual science.

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Sea lampreys have an impact on both the ecology and the economy.


In the previous seven decades, about 90 different commercial airliners have gone missing.

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Did you Know? The famous Titanic movie was 17.7 reels long when released.

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Money can purchase happiness, but only to a degree.

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The most haunted island in the world is Poveglia, Italy.

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Did you Know in South Korea.... Toilet Paper Warms the House

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Scientists thought this dinosaur-era tree went extinct 150 million years ago — but then it was found growing wild in Australia.

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Musk is derived from the male musk deer


Krill in Antarctica are not little.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea may help to strengthen your immune system.


Formula-fed babies grow more quickly.

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Did you Know? Although Being a Nerd, Spider-Man has a plethora of girlfriends.

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What Is the Effect of Catnip?


The world's strongest natural textile, according to legend, is silk.

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The Netherlands has the biggest pub in Europe