The new capital city that appeared overnight in Myanmar


In October 2005, Yangon was the bustling capital of Myanmar. A few weeks later, it was no longer the capital and the government staff suddenly found that they had to relocate almost 400 kilometres up the road to Naypyidaw. The government built the new city in secret and then announced that it was the new administrative centre.

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Minerals and vitamins

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Did you Know? In Danish, there is no word for "please."


In Turkey, a hunter-gatherer temple can be discovered.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea might make living during your period simpler.


Tourists pay no sales tax when they shop.

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Law gave us crime; science gave us forensics – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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The fog bow

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Ice-cream cone was actually invented by mistake

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Do you know about the story of the company Sunblinds

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They Possess Venom

Apple custard

Apple custard includes magnesium

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Parrots are the only birds who Can Eat With Their Feet.

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Allahabad University – Fourth Oldest University in India


Lobsters never stop developing.

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Skin cancer is more common among redheads.

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Did you Know? On the western front of World War 1, the Chinese labored.

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Anxiety Can Cause Anger

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Norway's In the summer, the sun never sets.

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There are "healthy" lipids in chia seeds.

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Antiquity's Best-Preserved Monuments

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Anxiety Often Begins In Childhood


Chihuahuas have floppy ears from birth.

Two one-shot stories

Two one-shot stories began the One Piece series.