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Did you Know? Ladakh is land of the fascinating Kung Fu nuns

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The Kung Fu nuns dress up in pyjamas and yellow sashes to sing for you when you visit the Drukpa monastery. This is a 2,000-year-old custom among them. They also offer a variety of events, one of which is the Eco Pad Yatra, which involves picking up rubbish and educating villagers about the environment across a distance of 400 miles on foot.

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There is a term for the hue you perceive in complete darkness.

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The growth rate of toenails is around half that of fingernails.


There are 176 universities worldwide that teach Hindi. 45 of these universities are from the United States.

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Did you Know? The Shiv Lingam suspended in the air used to be at Somnath


Bulgaria is where the Cyrillic script first appeared.

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Did you Know? You can control your dreams!

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Did you Know? Libya Imports 75% to 80% Of Its Food

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"The ""Portland Vase"" is one of the most valuable pieces of glass art in the world. "

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Insomnia can be deadly.

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What Role Does Psychology Play in Everyday Life?

Marie Curie  psychic medium

Marie Curie once conducted research on a psychic medium.

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Did you know there are only two types of cells?

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Peaches are connected to almonds!

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A kidney is the real fruit of the cashew tree


Didga the cat can perform 24 tricks in one minute

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Alien's Androids Are Alphabetized

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The Panther Is a Stealthy Predator

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Young plants have upright stems, but as they get older, they gradually start to creep or trail.


The moonstone is a traveler's stone.

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The young sisters were sent to school with serious repercussions.

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Nagini Is A Real Person in Harry Potter

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Why are centrifuges required in the production of plant-based milk alternatives?

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USB Drives & North Korea: Flash Drives For Freedom Campaign