Thyme needs to be kept out of heat, moisture, and sunshine in an airtight container. Make sure the spices stay cool; keep them away from any outside walls to prevent them from being exposed to the daylong, sweltering summer sun (even light can affect dried herbs).

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A candle that began to twirl can be saved.

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Did you Know? The Axis Powers were developing a dirty bomb.

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Gorillas are regarded as gentle giants.

korean, language, English, hangul, verb, Chinese

Numbers come in two types.


Probiotics are fungi and bacteria that keep us healthy.

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The British Museum has been a popular film set

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Did you Know? Hawaii is the only American state that grows coffee.

tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Djerba pilgrimage


Owns a large number of firearms but has the lowest crime rates

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Did you Know? Our bodies are quite similar.

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Sweden's pop music expertise

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is jam-packed with a wide range of creatures.

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Did you Know? Mongolia is big! But maybe not as big as you might think

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The Most Eastern Point

Leonardo da Vinci'

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Himalayas, Kullu, Mandi

Shimla is the origin of numerous celebrities

spine, spinalcord

Your spine is more adaptable than you realise.

sweden, norway

Yes, there is such a thing as Fika.

trombone, players, drumbeat, trombone suicide, head chop


australian animals, native australian animals, endangered australian animals, extinct australian ani

In Australia, it is estimated that insects make up almost 70% of the biodiversity (CSIRO, 2005).

laotian, rice, lotion, flexible, country, national

A fascinating 'crater' lake can be found here.

roses, flowers, oldestplants, guniessbooks, world records, genus rosa, familyrosaceae, species, rome

Roses are one of the oldest flowers .

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Did you Know? All eggs are hormone free.

 dragon flags

One of only three dragon flags in the world.

australian animals, native australian animals, endangered australian animals, extinct australian ani

The population of kangaroos outnumbers humans.