pune, India, city

Badminton's inaugural match.

pune, India, city

Documents state that a number of British officers stationed in Pune, which was formerly known as Poona, invented the game. Badminton became well-known throughout time, starting in Pune, and is now regarded as one of India's most cherished sports.

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Buddhists have no faith in God.

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Did you Know? Tomb Raider is the creation of just six people


Device With Several Names

soap, saponification, Babylon, Ancient, alkali, oils,  Ebers papyrus, Egyptians, Chinese, Zhou Dynas

High taxes inevitably resulted in shady soap-making activities.

hernias, abdominal walls

swelling and lumps?

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds can help prevent cancer.

 Alzheimer's disease

Women are more likely than men to develop Alzheimer's disease.


Meat unexpectedly showered down on a Kentucky location near Rankin in Bath County in 1876.


There is an equation that calculates how long a conspiracy can remain hidden.

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Did you Know? A cigarette contains about 4,800 chemicals in it.


Lobsters stomachs are used to chew.

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Fiat owns a significant portion in Ferrari.

hot pocket, hot, warm, chunk stuffers

There is a healthier option.

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Did you Know? Who has Got The Most Oscars... Ever

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Some Constellations Have Families

korean, language, English, hangul, verb, Chinese

The korean language has its own script.

The Vatican

The Vatican is the Wine Capital.

almonds, milk, plant milk

Ground almonds are a healthier alternative to breadcrumbs!

persian rugs

persian rugs Environmentally-Friendly


Flamingos have a 10,000–15,000-foot ceiling.

The Shwedagon

The Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar is extremely valuable.

chinese, porcelain, Han Dynasty, imperial dynasty, Qing Dynasty

A porcelain piece requires dozens of procedures.

Afrikaans, african, dutch

Even though it's frequently associated with RSA, Afrikaans is also spoken elsewhere.

Hindi alphabets

Even when written upside down or with a mirror image, none of the Hindi alphabets create an illusion.

tomb raider, tomb raider facts, facts about tomb raider, lara croft, facts about lara croft, lara cr

Fun Fact! Lara's decorating skills will melt your face off.