Happy Heart, Happy Heart facts, Happy Heart health, healthy heart,

Did you Know? A Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart

Happy Heart, Happy Heart facts, Happy Heart health, healthy heart,

Being in a loving relationship has a positive emotional and physical impact on your life. According to one meta-analysis of more than 3.5 million people nationwide, married people up to the age of 50 were 13% less likely to develop vascular diseases than divorced or single people.

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Hong Kong is one of the world's most densely populated cities.

ancient times

Since ancient times, people have been removing cataracts.

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A candle that began to twirl can be saved.

Land mammal

Land mammal with the most teeth

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Maharaja Amar Sinh Zala of Wankaner once owned the American embassy in South Bombay.


Even the Pith Is Beneficial

La Llorona

Have you heard the legends of La Llorona

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Ham's aroma might make your dish "taste" saltier.

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It was also a mistake for Harry to end up with Ginny.

Spider silk

Spider silk is extremely tough.


Hindi was designated as the official language of India on September 14, 1949. Every year on September 14th, Hindi Day is observed.

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Mosquitoes spend the first ten days of their lives in water

Coconut trees

Coconut trees are enormous!


Indonesia is the most active region on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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Fun Fact! Papua New Guinea has the world’s third largest rainforest

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Budapest has a hidden underground world.

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It is customary to leave food on your plate.

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Bihar was the first state to embrace Hindi.


The 21st century's antibiotic will be a probiotic.


Quebec is more than just French... There are also many Irish individuals here!

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Venus flytraps entice prey with their delicious nectar and vibrant colours.


Broccoli contains more vitamin C than an orange.

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Did you Know? A famous 'Pulp Fiction' shot was filmed in reverse.

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Butterfly wings protect them from predators.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Is Not Cactus