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During World War 1 Japan came to the British's aid in the Mediterranean.

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Before 1914, Britain's sole official alliance was with Japan, and it was intended to relieve the Royal Navy of some of the responsibility of protecting Britain's Asian colonies, as well as to allow Britain and Japan to assist each other in safeguarding their respective interests in China and Korea. When the war broke out, the Japanese targeted German colonies in the Pacific and China, but Britain asked Japan for help with escort duties in the Mediterranean in 1917. The region was critical for feeding Allied soldiers in Italy and Greece, as well as maintaining contacts with Africa, but German and Austrian submarines posed a threat to Allied fleets. The Japanese, operating out of Malta, supplied escorts for Allied com

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hong kong, Special Administrative Region, Republic of China, China, one nation, two systems

Hong Kong's culture is a hybrid of Chinese and Western influences.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Gemstone provides Protection Against the Evil Eye

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Did you Know? Employees of Disneyland lead a life of sacrifice!

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There Are Only Two Ways To Get To Machu Picchu

Kimberly Clark, Kleenex, Kleenex facts, Kleenex fact, Kleenex world war, Kleenex face mask

Did you Know? Kleenex tissues were initially designed for use with gas masks.


Consuming grapefruit may enhance the quality of your diet and increase your consumption of vitamin C

toilet paper

Only 70–75 percent of the world's population uses toilet paper.

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Did you Know? Lex Luthor does not believe that Clark Kent is a superman.


Modern arts exhibit a pattern that is visible.

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Did you Know? Iceland Has No Mosquitoes 

Terracotta Army

Farmers in the area made the discovery of Terracotta Army

greek, philosophers, lunar, solar deities, athens, anaxagoras, lampsacus

Anaximander Of Miletus (c.610-c.546 BCE)


Instead of Eskimo, Inuit want to be referred to as Inuk or Inuit.


Long before settlers arrived, first Nations peoples were already eating lowbush blueberries.

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How does spirituality help us ?

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Did you Know? Greece is made up of thousands of islands


Bhutan has a tourist policy that is low-impact but high-value.

shinto, ancestors, tragicdeath, ancientgod, books, nature, weather, topography, shintoism, gods, Jap

Shinto is a polytheistic religion.


Some flavors are available for a short period only.

Danielle Steele, Danielle Steele facts, most selling author

Did you Know? Danielle Steele is the world's most selling living author!

milk, substitute, plant milk, vegan, soya milk, coconut milk, almond milk

Plant milks can meet a variety of nutritional requirements.

cristoher columbus, columbus facts

Did you Know? Columbus Didn't Actually Discover America

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Did you Know? Russia has the world's longest railway.

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A driver can survive the impact of 100 mph and come to a complete stop in 2 seconds.

titanic, charcoal drawing, topless , kate, director, james cameron

James Cameron Drew That Charcoal of Naked Kate Winslet