redhead, red hair, ginger hair, women

Redheads may adjust their body temperature more quickly.

redhead, red hair, ginger hair, women

This is because redheads are more sensitive to hot and cold discomfort, according to a study. Nothing to do with their legendary fiery temper!

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Sea Lamprey

The latin name for the Sea Lamprey is 'Stone Licker'

netflix, mitch lowe, pornography, bill clinton, monica lewinsky, scandal, customer, chineseetflix, m

The Founder Of The Company Came Up With The Idea For Netflix From A Late Fee.


Pompeii is located at Mount Vesuvius's foot.

skin, exfoliate, dull skin, cells, rough ski, hyaluronic acid

Toners are essential, particularly in the summer because they prepare your skin for moisturization


It’s illegal to hold salmon under suspicious circumstances

zodiac, virgo, scorpio, chinese, language, hiring manager, feisty, critical, cancer, fbi, most dange

The oldest horoscope we know of is from 410 B.C.

Ebook sales

Ebook sales have plummeted. (Sorry, Internet trolls!)

greek, greekmythology, hydra, heracles, lernaean, monster, lerna, zeus, humankind, watersnake, hydra

Why the Hydras are predatory?

moonstone, energy, fortune, spiritual

The moonstone is a feminine gemstone.

coffee, coffee facts, facts about coffee, coffee, coffee facts, coffee power, coffee drug

Well! You must rethink of your morning coffee!

banana, banana facts, banana potassium, banana radioactive, radioactive fruits

Did you Know? Bananas glow blue under black lights

klecksography, inkblots, children game, nineteenth, century, rorschach, swissasylum, abstract, symme

There Is Still Disagreement About Whether The Test Works.

Stained Glass

An English Stained Glass Tradition

Spine, spinalcord

The most common cause of spinal cord injury is car accidents.


Are skincare products preferred above dietary supplements and food?


Ashwagandha reduces blood sugar and fat levels.

santa claus

Santa and Mrs. Claus are Canadian citizens.


Probiotics are fungi and bacteria that keep us healthy.

marvel and dc, marvel vs dc, marvel comics, dc comics, amalgam comics, amalgam comic, comics, wanda

Did you know.... Who is Scarlet Witch's father?

earthworm, earthworm facts, earthworm species

The earthworm has more than 1000 species.

teddy, teddy bear, teddies, teddy facts, teddy in space, space teddy

Teddies have even traveled to space

sleep, dysania, chronic fatigue, bed, suffering, syndromee

The record for the longest period without sleep is 11 days

blackhole, light, escape, star, galaxy, universe, science

Black holes physically draw space around them.

mosquito, mosquito color

Mosquitoes are drawn to specific colors.

Halloween, pet, costume

The parade of costumes is led by princesses and Spiderman.