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The British Museum has been a popular film set

british museum, british museum london, sutton hoo british museum, hokusai british museum, british mu

With 15 films to its name, the British Museum has a recognizable role in the movie world. The cameras first arrived in 1921 for The Wakefield Cause and were here again in 1973 for the Hollywood classic, Day of the Jackal. In 1929, Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail was shot in the Museum, becoming one of the first movies to feature the Schüfftan process – a special effect that uses mirrors to make it appear that the actors are on a vast set. Younger readers might remember its appearance in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014). Sian Toogood was broadcast manager on the film: ‘The limitations of what is possible within the British Museum meant that Fox only filmed here for three nights, from

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