ferruccio, taurus, lamborghini, April, constellation, cichlid, bulls

Lamborghinis were originally tractors, and they are still manufactured today.

ferruccio, taurus, lamborghini, April, constellation, cichlid, bulls

Because of his WWII experience, he began assembling together tractors out of scrap parts when he returned home. People adored them, and his tractor company shot off like wildfire. Although they are no longer owned by the same corporation, Lamborghini Trattori is still designed by the same team that built the Gallardo and Maserati MC12. They range in price from $30,000 to more than $300,000; the only issue is whether your neighbor will still give you credit for having a Lambo.

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In Old Quebec, you may sleep in a nun's cell!

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Sri Lanka is jam-packed with a wide range of creatures.

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swelling and lumps?

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Empire Strikes Back revealed Boba Fett's face.


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beetroot, beet

Delicious and Healthy Spinach Substitute

chia seed

Dr. Wayne Coates rediscovered chia in the 1990s.

nails, nail

The same protein is used to make both your hair and nails.

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Outstanding Oscar speech


Even those firefly larvae that are submerged in water or the underground may glow.

Times Square, New York, New Year

The man who is credited with writing Auld Lang Syne did not complete it.

algae, marine, fish, animals, water

The base of the marine food chain is algae.

rain, rain drop, rain smell, rain facts, rainy season

Did you Know? Rain have a smell


Formula-fed babies grow more quickly.

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Some lizards can go their entire lives without drinking water.

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Did you Know? Spiderman debuted in India in 2004.

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Marie Curie carried out her most important research in a shed.

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Confidence in Swiggy is high among investors

retinol, collagen

Retinoids come from animals. Carotenoids are retinol sources found in plants.

netherlands, lowlands, europe, zuidplaspolder, vaalserberg hill, airport

One-third of the Netherlands is under sea level

betel, leaves, minutes, mayanmar, nuts, spices, tobacco, red stain

The red stains and betel leaves in Myanmar


You can get the best skin ever with kiwis.


Coconuts were named by the Portuguese.

almonds, milk, plant milk

Almonds are a great source of energy.