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Did you Know? Wonder Woman was inspired by a Ménage a Trois

comics facts, facts about comics, facts about marvel, facts about dc, facts about superheroes, fun f

Here's a rather contentious DC fact! Diana's romantic interests included both men and women when she was created in 1941. It's understandable when your identity is defined by your struggle with love and you're from an island populated entirely by women. Her creator, William Moulton Marston, was particularly inspired by his polyamorous situation. By the way, this was in 1940, when homosexuality was illegal.

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Did you Know? Thor has a half-brother called Atum in addition to Loki.


Crystals are living things.

European Country

The European Country with the Lowest Obesity

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Humidity is ideal for dust mites.

nails, nail

Male fingernails grow more quickly than female ones.


In Samoa, it’s illegal to forget your wife’s birthday

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Crochet is affordable.

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Black Holes Are Cool.


Breastfeeding mothers benefit from a small amount of formula.

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Did you Know? There was one Silent Oscar Winner

Times Square, New York, New Year

A newspaper hosted the inaugural Times Square New Year's Eve celebration.

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How does spirituality help us ?


The Original ‘Toothbrush’ Was a Stick


When you cook lobsters, they don't scream in pain.

pompeii, Giuseppe Fiorell, Italian, architect, Mount Vesuviu, pumice

Greeks once resided there.

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Did you Know? St. Valentine wasn't just one person.

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Did you Know? Madagascar is a paradise for wildlife lovers

famous authors

When writing with a pencil, many famous authors felt more inspired.

Fish Pass

Fish Pass Through Niagara Falls

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Did you know.... The thigh bone can withstand thousands of pounds of stress.

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Swiggy’s website is growing in traffic

Mexico City

Mexico City sinks by 10 inches every year!

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In the 1880s, there was a lip rouge controversy.

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Did you Know? Chile Has One Of The Longest Coastlines In The World

Bullet Time The Matrix.

The classic "Bullet Time" effect was designed specifically for The Matrix.