blackhole, light, escape, star, galaxy, universe, science

Black Holes Are Cool.

blackhole, light, escape, star, galaxy, universe, science

Assume someone falls into a black hole and an observer observes this. The time of the individual who fell into the black hole slows down in comparison to the one viewing. This is explained by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, which posits that while travelling at high speeds close to the light, time is altered by how fast you are moving.

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Times Square, New York, New Year

To assist sailors, time balls were devised.


Raw Materials Are Used

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Did you Know? In the movie Wakandans Have Their Own Language

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Is PCOS a condition with no cure?


Giant apes did once inhabit Asia, as evidenced by fossils

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Did you Know? Gayatri Mantra is composed of the initial letter of each of the Ramayana's 1000 verses.

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Sponge are the most basic marine organisms, typically found in the water!


Foreigners make up 25% of switzerland's population

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The English language received the term "serendipity" from Sri Lanka.

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221B Baker Street is a fictitious address.

Genghis Khan

Why was he called Genghis Khan?

india, india facts, facts about india, amazing facts about india, facts about india

Did you Know? Indian weddings are a colorful event.

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A Touchy Topic Is Stingray Touch Tanks


The number of roots on each tooth varies as well.

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However, some of the earliest recorded descriptions of hypnosis date back to 1500 B.C. in ancient Egypt.


Switzerland Has Nuclear War Plans

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When writing with a pencil, many famous authors felt more inspired.

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The Meaning of the Name Khajuraho


Roses have hundreds of scent molecules combining notes of different aromas

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Santa and Mrs. Claus are Canadian citizens.

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Beneficial to Heart Health

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Did you Know? Charles Darwin created his own office chair with wheels.

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Starbucks has been sued for under-filling lattes.

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There are enormous geckos with different chirps in Cambodia.

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Toy Story 2 Was Almost Deleted