summer, summer season, summer carnival

Instead of glowing white, some fireflies have blue illumination.

summer, summer season, summer carnival

Finding fireflies is one of the summer's joys. You might be able to spot a ghost firefly if you're in the Southern Appalachians; you'll know it when you see it because it will shine a distinctive blue-green color rather than the usual white.

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Iguanas: How Fast Can They Run?

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The most typical cause of ulcers is a bacterial infection.

pirate King

There was a pirate King in Sweden!

Tunisia, Arab country, Islam

The first Arab country to outlaw polygamy.

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Did you Know? The great pyramids were not build by slaves

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Queen Victoria is the reason wedding dresses are white

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Starbucks spends more on health care for employees than coffee beans every year.

Wyoming,  William Bradford Ross, Nellie Tayloe Ross,  female governor

Wyoming is home to Yellowstone National Park.


Bhutan values happiness above prosperity.

creative writing, athletics, brain function

You are more creative solving the problems of others than your own.


It's Fine to Change Brands

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Did you Know? The Queen in Disney's Snow White and Seven Dwarfs have an uncanny resemblence to Lady Macbeth.

European Country

The European Country with the Lowest Obesity

skin, exfoliate, dull skin, cells, rough ski, hyaluronic acid

Dry skin may become flaky and pale in the heat


The Stockholm metro also serves as an art gallery.

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At a ski resort, Lamborghini wants you to drive like a crazy.

mirror, bloody marry, folklore, myth, test, summon, spirit

Mirrors have been linked to hallucinations.

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Grant Wood's American Gothic

Red hair

Red hair is found in less than 2% of the world's population.

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Did you Know? Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island

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Minerals and vitamins

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Queen Victoria mourned her husband for 40 years

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The army of Terracotta It's not just the military.

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Did you Know? Leonardo DiCaprio did not do the drawing in Titanic.

Silver linings

Silver linings protect blueberries from harm.