budapest, synagogue, Jewish temple, Europe

Budapest has the most thermal water springs of any capital city in the world.

budapest, synagogue, Jewish temple, Europe

Hungary has a plethora of underground hot water sources. It's no surprise that Budapest is regarded as the world's thermal bath capital. There are dozens of spas and baths in Budapest, some of which are housed in magnificent buildings such as the Szechenyi, Gellert, or Kiraly Baths.

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The reason of death of Homi J Bhabha is still being discussed.

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A Lower Risk of Some Cancers Is Associated With Adequate Vitamin D Intake

scientists, hypothesize, particles, standard, model, physics, electrons, neutrons, quarks, gravitati

Dark matter might be created by a boson companion.


A category of beetle known as fireflies has more than 2,000 different species

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Exercise Forestalls Migrane

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Venus flytraps are a threatened species.

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Ground almonds are a healthier alternative to breadcrumbs!


Coconuts were named by the Portuguese.


Chia is cultivated between the latitudes of 23 degrees north and 23 degrees south.


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Constellations Are Star Patterns In The Night Sky