crystal, mineral structure, geometry, tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, triclinic, monoclinic, healer

Function and energy compatibility are determined by its mineral structure.

crystal, mineral structure, geometry, tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, triclinic, monoclinic, healer

Every crystal you find has a mineral structure. For some, this structure corresponds to sacred geometry, regulating how the crystal functions with a specific type of energy. These structures are distinct from tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, triclinic, or monoclinic structures. Each of them contains core structures that have been observed to reverberate across nature and within your body. Hexagonal crystals, for example, are known to be the most powerful healers, although cubic and isometric minerals are good conductors of energy. It is better if you become more acquainted with this before purchasing some of these stones.

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