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Did you Know? One of the Greek Mythology Facts is that they had a difficult childhood

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Zeus had a large family outside of his marriage to Hera. This enraged Hera, and in order to exact her vengeance, she claimed that their son, Hephaestus, was the result of a virgin birth. This meant that Hephaestus was not descended from Zeus, which infuriated the Thunder god. And he vented his rage on Hephaestus by tossing him off the summit of Mount Olympus.

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What Is the Difference Between Butterscotch and Salted Caramel?


Several times a year, Christ gets struck by lightning.

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Pioneer was Published at Allahabad

Spine, spinal cord

We are born with 33 vertebrae and lose some as we get older.

Spine, spinal cord

Back discomfort affects 8 out of 10 Americans at some time in their lives.



Dust mites

Dust mites resemble tiny spiders.

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It’s unlikely that probiotic supplements will help your gut

nails, nail

Your nails don't have airways.

pacific ocean, indonesia, colombia, ocean, moon

The Pacific Ocean is more than twice the size of the moon.


Mexicans Are the Most Hardworking People

Hindi, Urdu, language, Hindustani, north India, India

Hindi shares certain commonalities with Urdu, Bengali, Sanskrit, Nepalese, and Gujarati.

hong kong, Special Administrative Region, Republic of China, China, one nation, two systems

Kowloon translates to "Nine Dragons."

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Did you Know? 1,000 elephants were used to transport the building materials to Agra.

vitamin, green leafy, broccoli, kale, spinach

The edible leafy tips of beetroots are bursting with vitamin K

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Minerva McGonagal was an Animagus and a strong sorceress.

Chhath puja, vrat, bihar, india, culture, hinduism


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Did you Know? "Auld Lang Syne" was never meant to be a holiday song.

Spine, spinalcord

Did you know that you're taller in the morning and... in space?

milk, substitute, plant milk, vegan, soya milk, coconut milk, almond milk

Plant milk is better for the environment.

beetroot, beet

Anti-inflammatory properties have been demonstrated in studies.


Women are more likely to suffer from sleeplessness.

conspiracy, theory, prophecy fails, Leon Festinger, backfire effect

The phrase "conspiracy theory" is the subject of a conspiracy theory.

vision board, visualization, theory of relativity, manifestation

Vision boards serve as mental rehearsals.