Golf was anything but relaxing in Walt Disney's opinion.


Even though many people play golf to unwind, Disney was unable to handle it. Walt took up golf after quitting polo at his doctor's advice and got up at 4:30 a.m. to squeeze in nine holes before work. He quit the game because it was so frustrating and started playing lawn bowling, which is a more laid-back activity.

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Why the Hydras are predatory?

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Plants were used to make ancient blinds.

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Over 2,000 years ago, Chinese porcelain was first exported.

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Nobody knows what Viking truly means.

Vision Boards I

Vision Boards Improve Your Focus

Coconut Bra

Coconut Bra "Hawaiian"

Homi J Bhabha

Homi J Bhabha redirected India's nuclear development.

hong kong, Special Administrative Region, Republic of China, China, one nation, two systems

"Albert is very amused by my obtaining the island of Hong Kong."

Smallest Country

The World's Smallest Country

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It was also a mistake for Harry to end up with Ginny.

Two one-shot stories

Two one-shot stories began the One Piece series.

 Abraham Lincoln

According to one conspiracy theory, Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, did not die.

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Where can one find Stonehenge?

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Withanolides are found in Ashwagandha.

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A shrimp may produce one million eggs.

Football  Goal Scorer

Football's Fastest Goal Scorer

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Yoda almost was gonna look like a monkey.


Hypnosis can aid in the treatment of a variety of ailments.


Egypt Is Home To 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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When a piece of glass breaks, the cracks move at 3000mph.


Chamomile tea can be applied even to your hair.

alzheimer's disease.

Emotional memories are not always affected by alzheimer's disease.


"Comfortable hole, bye," a gorilla says in response to a query about death.

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Bangkok is considered the world's hottest city (by mean average)

The Inuit

The Inuit do not kiss by rubbing their noses together.