nail, nail facts, nail paint, nail paint history, nail paint facts, facts about nail paint

Did you Know? Today Nail Paints are made of some weird stuff!

nail, nail facts, nail paint, nail paint history, nail paint facts, facts about nail paint

Nitrocellulose, also known as guncotton, is the main ingredient in regular nail polish. It's made of plant fibre and is what causes TNT to explode. (Don't worry; it's also found in ping pong balls.) Ethyl acetate is used to dissolve the nitrocellulose. When you apply the nail polish to your nail, the solvent evaporates, leaving the nitrocellulose to dry into a solid (and pretty!) film.

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nail, nail facts, nail paint, nail paint history, nail paint facts, facts about nail paint

Did you Know? Hollywood has always set the trend and of nail paints too!

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